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Every girl deserves to have a beautiful unique look for their special day as every wedding is unique in it’s own way, And your bridal swimwear should also be customized seamlessly to your needs. Perfect for tropical destinations, exotic cruises or a romantic honeymoon. Mantah works with you to ensure your garment compliments your look and shape.

– Naz, Creative Director and Owner

Classic And Elegant Swimwear For Every Wedding

We Love to Help You Feel Great In Your Mantah Bridal Wear.

Pick Your Base

All of our bridal swim wears start with your chosen silhouette to fit your shape.

Customize It

The uniqueness of your Mantah piece starts with customizing it to your vision.

Delivered Free

Once your Mantah bridal swim wear is finalized, we will ship it to you for free!


Our Happy Clients!

I loved my Mantah Bridal Swimwear! I had always wanted to have my engagement done on the water and Mantah was the perfect fit! I was able to achieve an elegant look and yet have the most comfortable bridal wear on the water.
Sanaz Sarajilic

Our Happy Clients!

I worked with Mantah to design me a bridal bathing suit that was a replica of my wedding gown for our tropical Saint Lucia Honeymoon! I loved every single minute of being in my custom Mantah piece!
Erica Martire
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