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Mantah is an authentic specialty swimwear line created by Nazanin Taheri. This is a one of a kind label that offers a complete new swimwear look. The company focuses on bridal swimwear and one of a kind haute couture swimsuits and cover-up pieces. All the products are unique and handmade, each having its own distinct features, whether it's the bead work, reversibility, customization of the design or add on pieces. Every one of our bridal designs is tailored specifically to your desire and considers every finite detail to reflect your own personality.

Each garment is seamlessly fitted to your needs. Perfect for tropical destinations, exotic cruises or a romantic honeymoon. Mantah works with you to ensure your garment compliments your look and shape.

Don't "trash your dress" at your destination wedding, wear something
picturesque and evoke that same emotion every time you put it on.

The Designer

At a very young age Nazanin Taheri's creative gifts were evident. Her keen eye, and knack for design became very apparent to her teachers and close family very early on. This gift was something they thought needed to be harnessed and developed, so Nazanin was pushed to pursue her education and professional career in the design sector.

Understanding that she had a flare for design, Nazanin, decided to pursue her education in design at the International Academy of Design and Technology. It was during her academic carrer where she was able to focus on perfecting her skills and learning the integral parts of the industry. Using the theoretical knowledge she obtained, Nazanin pursued a freelance alterations and design opportunity to help her gain the desired experience to become a successful apprentice. She became involved in design, created and implemented different styles and patterns for clients in Toronto and Virginia areas in the United States. Her desire to acquire more knowledge in the retail industry led Nazanin to pursue employment in the managerial capacity at several prominent retail stores.

It was in 2007 that Nazanin discovered her true niche with the specialty swimwear division. Competition is very evident in this market, so, it was then where she applied her originality and comprehension of the fashion industry in order to carve out her own path. This led to the creation of Mantah Swimwear. Nazanin has focused her time and energy on designing unique, and desired bridal swimwear to help elongate a bride's emotion surrounding her big day.

Mantah swimwear has become a recognized name in the bridal industry after being featured in Canada's Bridal Show as well as many other fashion shows throughout Ontario. The combination of sheer perseverance, originality and knack for design will only support and expand Nazanin's career in the coming future.

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